About us

HL-TopMix is among the most successful animal nutrition and additives producers in Bulgaria. More than 20 years, the company has been producing a wide range of feed for various species and categories of animals. Technological advancement and an expert team allow us to keep delivering individual solutions and quality feed to each and every client.

HL-TopMix specialists team up with the farmers to find the best solutions for their farms` management. The relationship with the client does not end with the delivery of the feed. Our experts dedicate themselves to help the farmers and their animals achieve the best results.

Our MISSION is to provide quality and innovative comprehensive solutions, stimulating the success of farmers through care for their animals and the animal husbandry sector, as a whole.

Our VISION is to be the company with the highest customer satisfaction, in Bulgaria and the region. To be the preferred supplier and trusted partner for those who want to achieve more.

What is behind the HL-TopMix brand are the Values shared by every member of our team. These are the qualities carried by each individual, from those at the production lines to the ones fine-tuning the nutrition, to be an HL-TopMix employee is to care for the success of the farmer.


    towards the success of our clients, the community and the environment


    to be the innovators of the sector


    in relationships with clients, partners and employees


    We are constantly evolving and improving our products and services


    we work together for rapid and effective results

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